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Russian Kaleidoscope

“Removing The Mask” – The art, music and culture of Russia have been largely unseen by western eyes for more than 100 years. Now — through the eyes and personal experiences of Sergei Shapoval — a rare glimpse into this fascinating and complex culture is available for you. Sergei — dressed in traditional and brilliant Russian folk garments — presents an engaging and fast-paced program that gives your students an amazing look at Russia, her people and cultural richness.

Your students will see Moscow up close. They will watch and learn a traditional folk dance. They will experience the Cyrillic alphabet through a unique involvement segment. Then, a favorite and highlight of the program is a live demonstration of Russian folk instruments — including the Garmoshka, Balalaika, Zhaleikas and Bayan (Button Accordion). Your students will actively participate throughout! In the enrichment sessions that follow, Sergei elaborates on individual art objects and other unique cultural materials. Last, but not least, Sergei saves time for questions and answers. (You’ll be amazed by what your students are thinking!)

The Russian Kaleidoscope program is available year around.



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"A wonderful day of magic. Our students were enthrolled. Teachers were amazed at how the enrichment sessions have brought their Arts, Social Studies and Language Arts courses alive and created a desire within the students to dig deeper into their studies. Masterfully done. I would highly recommend this presentation to anyone."  - J Sieber, Assistant Principal